Skin Care, Skin Rejuvenation in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and Manhattan Beach by dr LASER

Skin Care and Rejuvenation treatment for younger lookingPatients may not be aware of the amazing new technology available for skin rejuvenation, skin care. Using these new techniques, doctors can treat patients and have them leaving the treatment center looking younger and healthier on the same day. We can treat any area of the body that shows signs of aging due to environmental exposure. Some of the procedures can be combined to brighten skin tone and remove discolorations. The skin rejuvenation procedures are described in more detail below.

IPL Facial - This fantastic procedure will help erase and rid your beautiful skin from damage caused by angiomas, rosacea, spider veins or sun by using an intense pulsated light (IPL)

Mole Removal - We offer 2 methods of mole removal. Moles are generally aesthetically displeasing or a physician can suspect it is cancerous. No matter your reason for mole removal dr LASER has an expert staff ready to perform the procedure.

Acne Laser Treatment - We offer a procedure using the most advanced technology and products to prevent and reduce acne outbreaks so your beautiful skin can shine through blemish free.

Acne Scar Treatment - Our staff is skilled in an array of procedures that help diminish or remove acne scars including punch techniques, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion.

Spider Vein Removal - We offer treatment to remove those spider veins you are covering up on your legs, nose or cheeks. In the beautiful California weather we want you to be able to show off your beautiful legs.

Stretch Mark Removal - We use one of our state of the art rollers to remove fine layers of skin on the stretch mark which eventually removes the stretch mark letting you wear your favorite bikini confidently.

Scar Revision - Our team is skilled in a variety of procedures to remove or diminish scars on the body that were caused by surgeries or accidents.

CO2 Laser - This laser treatment method removes deep wrinkles, lines and provides resurfacing of the skin using a carbon dioxide laser that penetrates to the deepest layers of the skin.

Fraxel Laser - We offer fraxel laser treatments to resurface the skin and make it appear years younger.

The Lutronic Spectra Laser - treats acne, acne scarring, rosacea, broken capillaries, melasma, and stimulates collagen production for tightening of fine lines and wrinkles and decreases pore size. The beauty of this treatment is that there is little to no down time. As this procedure is pain free it can also be done is as little as 20 minutes and you are able to return to work immediately after.

Depending on the treatment that is needed for your individual correction, treatments are done every week to every 4 weeks with a minimum of 6-10 treatments for your full correction.

A carbon peel mask is applied to your face before the procedure and then is removed by laser after several passes are done. This allows the laser to treat superficially as well as deeper into the dermal layer to stimulate collagen production.

Skin Care, Rejuvenation and Botox in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Manhattan
Beach and Hollywood Areas
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I expect my skin to look like after an IPL Facial treatment?

A: The skin will look a bit flushed and red for a short period immediately after your treatment. It will be barely noticeable to anyone. You are able to put on make up right away after the treatment if you wish.

Q: How long do the results from IPL Facials lasts?

A: You will require 3 to 7 sessions of IPL facial treatments to get the full results from the treatment. After these treatments you can expect the results to last about 1 year.

Q: Is skin rejuvenation painful?

A: Laser treatments are virtually painless to most patients. Many people feel a slight sensation from the laser facial treatment. Topical anesthetic is available for those who would like. Injectables such as Botox and Juvederm can be slightly painful. The needle used on these injectables are very small and only inflict slight discomfort. Many people are surprised how little the pain is.

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Skin Rejuvenation Lasers

These lasers emit focused, rapid pulses of light to destroy pigmented areas and damaged surface tissue on the skin. The skin underneath is fresh, new, and younger looking.

- The Lumenis One system has multiple handpieces and filters to precisely perform many different therapies, including varicose treatment and skin resurfacing. It has built-in light guards to ensure patient comfort.

- Active FX UltraPulse, another Lumenis product, is a very powerful CO2 laser for advanced applications, such as ablative lesions.

- Lutronic Spectra remove pigmented and vascular lesions. It also resurfaces skin to minimize non-ablative wrinkles and acne scars. The Spectra is a versatile system with a broad range of treatment options to effectively target and treat the desired area.

- Fraxel is a fractional laser treatment that removes fine lines and wrinkles and renews the skin's surface to reveal a youthful glow.