Lutronic:Spectra LASER

The expremely robust Spectra Laser has a long list of features that ensure it is a cut above the rest.
-Multiple treatment options
-Uniform beam profile
-4 wavelengths
-Auto-calibration and self-restoration
-Programmable memory buttons
-Aiming beam
-Multiple handpieces
-Spectra mode


-Tattoo Removal
-Skin Resurfacing
-Scar Revision
-Acne Scars

Hair Removal Laser

For hair removal, lasers direct energy to the hair follicles, heating them until they are too damaged to grow. Existing hair falls out and does not return.

Candela GentleMaxPro

The GentleMaxPro may be the best laser available. It is unique and superior because it has a dual length wavelength laser platform that combines the speed and power of GENTLELASE with the YAG laser. In other words, the GentleMax Pro is two lasers in one. It combines the GENTLELASE the YAG to deliver exceptional speed, efficiency, safety and patient satisfaction.*

Candela Gentle Lase Plus

The GentleLase is able to treat a broader range of skin types than most other skin hair removal lasers. Delicate enough for fine hairs, gentle enough for sensitive skin but powerful enough for coarser hair such as a man’s beard, back or arm. More impressively, the GentleLase has a special contact cooling hand piece which protects the skin and reduces discomfort. The method is patented and it allows laser energy to go deeper into the hair follicle. *

Candela Gentle Yag

Unlike other lasers, The GentleYag has the ability to treat all colors of the skin. It also has the ability to treat finer hairs which remained untouched by previous lasers. For this reason, the GentleYag has remained one for the most popular lasers available for hair removal, skin tightening, and leg and facial vein removal.*

*Individual Results May Vary.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person