Frequently Asked Questions about MicroNeedling

What is Microneedling?

Magazines are raving about it and the Europeons have been doing it for years but what is “microneedling”exactly?

Microneedling is also known as collagen induction therapy and has widely been in use in Europe for decades to treat superficial wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, improve tone, reduce pore size and much more.*

Microneedling with RejuvePen

RejuvaPen is the leading device used for the microneedling procedure. The pen-like device penetrates the surface of the skin, and creates tiny punctures on the surface of the skin to promote collagen production and cell regeneration. Microneedling naturally assists the skin to become smoother and firmer over a series of treatments.*

How does microneedling work?

Microneedling aims to create a controlled injury underneath the skin’s surface, thereby inducing the body to respond by producing more collagen in the treated area. The skin plumps and thickens in response to the stimulus, reducing the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and fine lines.*

How long is the procedure?

You will need 20-30 minutes to numb your face with topical anesthetic and the actual microneedling procedure lasts from 30-40 minutes.*

Does microneedling hurt?

A numbing cream may be applied before the procedure and will greatly minimize any discomfort felt by the patient. Everyone has a different pain tolerance, however most patients report no pain at all.*

How long is the recovery process?

The patient will have a red, sunburn appearance that usually lasts 24-72 hours after treatment.*

When Will I See Results?

Some patients notice an initial effect almost immediately, but the more noticeable lifting and toning will take place over a period of about 2-3 months, as your body rebuilds and replaces the collagen in your treatment area(s). Some patients notice improvements for up to 6 months after a procedure.*

What can micro needling help treat?

Micro needling can help treat the following:

  • Skin Texture / Tone
  • Pore appearance
  • Increase product absorption
  • Superficial facial wrinkles
  • Skin texure on the neck
  • Acne Scarring / Trauma Scarring
  • Melasma and Pigmentation
  • Textural improvements to chest
  • Stretch marks

*Individual Results May Vary.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person