NeoGraft Hair Restoration for Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and Manhattan Beach by dr LASER

dr LASER is proud to offer the NeoGraft method of hair restoration. This method of hair restoration is minimally invasive and provides greater results than other hair restoration methods. NeoGraft uses state of the art technology to precisely remove hair follicles from the back of the head and quickly implant them to the balding area in a precise and natural looking pattern. NeoGraft uses pneumatic pressure to extract the graft which helps to prevent damage to the graft and reduce invasiveness of the procedure.*

The procedure is virtually painless and does not require any stitches or staples. The recovery time is minimal in fact many patients return to work the next day. NeoGraft is a preferred option over the strip method of hair restoration. The strip method removes a section of skin, requiring stitches and leaving  behind scarring. The NeoGraft method leaves no scarring as hair follicles are extracted individually and implanted individually leaving a more natural look with a quick recovery time.*

You feel better and more confident when you look and feel your best. For many people a full head of hair helps them feel and look their best. Regain your confidence and look great with a NeoGraft hair restoration procedure at dr LASER.  Call our office today to schedule a consultation in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

*Individual Results May Vary.

NeoGraft Hair Restoration for the Los Angeles and Hollywood Areas
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is it performed?

A: The NeoGraft process of hair restoration is performed using the NeoGraft machine. The NeoGraft uses pneumatic pressure to remove and implant hair follicles without handling them preventing damage to the harvested follicles.

Q: Am I a good candidate for NeoGraft?

A: Most men and women with frontal or partial pattern baldness are good candidates for the procedure. A patient will need an adequate amount of donor hair from the back side of the scalp to perform the procedure. It is recommended you come in for a consultation so the Doctor can determine if you would be a candidate for the NeoGraft procedure.

Q: What is the recovery time?

A: Because NeoGraft is less invasive than other hair restoration procedures, many patients recover in as little as a day.*

Q: How painful is it ?

A: NeoGraft is the least painful of all of the hair restoration methods. The pain is very minimal.*

*Individual Results May Vary.