The Benefits

“It seemed like a good idea at the time,” – we’ve all been there. Laser Tattoo Removal removes that unwanted tattoo. Our medical professionals use laser energy to break up and disperse the tattoo pigment from your skin, essentially reversing the process of the tattoo artist.
Noninvasive and nonsurgical with little downtime
Your tattoo will noticeably fade with each treatment
After 10-15 treatments, your tattoo will be virtually unnoticeable, causing no harm to your skin
Works with most skin tones
Leaves your skin looking normal
*patients results and experience per patient

The Laser

We use the Spectra Laser for Tattoo Removal. The Spectra Laser targets the pigment colors on the skin’s dermis, absorbing the pigment and dispersing the pigment. The body’s natural healing process absorbs the laser’s beam and fragment and then removes these pigments causing the tattoo to fade.

What to Expect

When you come in for your first appointment, our medical team will meet with you to determine the best laser and number of treatments needed. All tattoos vary in treatments needed varying from color, size, age and how deep the tattoo is (pigment depth.) We will apply a topical numbing cream for 30-45 minutes before the appointment. Clients experience mild to medium discomfort depending on size and area of the tattoo. You may experience slight redness, swelling and blistering for up to 3 days. Some clients will see results immediately, and some may need multiple treatments to see results depending how deek the tattoo is.


How does laser tattoo removal work?

The Spectra Laser targets the pigment colors on the skin’s dermis, absorbing the pigment and dispersing the pigment. The body’s natural healing process absorbs and removes these pigments causing the tattoo to fade.

Am I a good candidate for laser tattoo removal?

Laser tattoo removal can remove most tattoos safely. It is easier to remove older tattoos then newers ones due to newer ink. Patients results vary depending on skin tone and area.

Will laser tattoo removal leave a scar?

When the proper laser protocols and patient after care are followed after treatment it is uncommon for scarring to occur. While it is rare for laser tattoo removal to leave a scar, it is still possible. If the tattoo already shows scarring from the original tattoo, this will not go away.

Will I experience side effects?

Side effects should be an expected part of the laser tattoo removal process for most patients. Some side effects actually play an important role in the immune response that helps rid the ink from the skin. Some side effects include; redness, tenderness, swelling, blistering, scabs, bruising, hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation.

All of these side effects are temporary if patients are following the proper post protocol. Most side effects subside in a couple days. Many clients may develop blisters, crusts or scabs within 8-72 hours that can last 1-3 weeks.

How do I prepare for a laser tattoo removal session?

    • Avoid Sun exposure for 1 week.
    • Shave treatment area
    • Avoid chemical peels and other laser treatments for 2 weeks
    • Avoid all hydroquinone, retionals, tazorac, alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxl products for 1 week
    • Antibiotics may increase photosensitivity. We recommend patients wait 1 week after the antibiotic treatment is finished.
    • Avoid taking aspirin and ibuprofen

What do I need to do after my appointment?

– Never forcefully scrub, scratch or pick at treated area

– Avoid contact with water day of appointment (ex. showering)

– Refrain from tanning for 1 week

– Do not scrub treated area, if necessary apply aquaphor or neosporin every morning and night until crust falls off naturally

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments you’ll need depends on the size of the tattoo, depth & type of ink. Most patients need between 10-15 sessions. Take in mind it takes 3 – 6 weeks for your body to heal between treatments and to see results.